ADF : Issue with Popup and setPropertyListener

we are trying to launch popup on button click and on same event and want to set some property on same event. we used to facing issue on that "popup is getting launched but property is not setting to target variable". 


After trying a lot of combination we finally solved an issue.

If you are trying to use same then remember following point:

Always provide value of triggerType attribute, Value for this attribute must be triggerType="click" only

When using the setPropertyListener define the type="action"
Find the code snapshot  

Using above code both action launching popup and setPropertyListener can be invoked.

Note: Reason of this problem is when me didn't provide triggerType in . It take default as action. So action event triggered and get skipped. Always provide type="action" for Listener> and triggerType="click" for showPopupListener>
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