The key characteristics of Oracle ADF

Oracle ADF - Making J2EE simpler

Oracle JDeveloper 10g release the latest version of Jdeveloper 10g, which introduced the Oracle Application Development Framework as an innovative J2EE development framework. Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) simplifies J2EE development by minimizing the need to write code that implements design patterns and application's infrastructure. Oracle ADF provides these implementations as part of the framework. Recognizing that having a set of runtime services is not enough, Oracle ADE is also focused on the development experience providing a visual and declarative approach to J2EE development Oracle ADF is an evolution, an improvement, and an extension of frameworks that were included with previous versions of J2EE developer.

Oracle ADF

The key characteristics of Oracle ADF that make it unique among other J2EE frameworks are

Development Environment

 Many of the other J2EE frameworks are missing a development tool that will make it easier to develop with them. Oracle JDeveloper provides a perfect tool for building Oracle ADF-based applications using visual aids and declarative approach to minimize coding.

Platform Independence

Other frameworks lock the developer into a specific software vendor. The Oracle ADF Fruntime, however, can be installed on any J2EE. compliant application server.

Technology Choke

Realizing the developers have preferences for the way they implement different layers of the application, Oracle ADF supports multiple technologies for each of the layers of the application. Oracle ADP doesn't enforce a specific technology on the developer.

End-to-End Solution

Oracle ADF doesn't focus on just one layer of the J2EE architecture. Oracle ADP provides a complete solution for every J2EE layer and every development life-cycle phase.
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