Oracle ADF Interview Questions & Answers (Part-1)

Q1. What is Oracle ADF?

Ans : Oracle Application Development Framework, usually called Oracle ADF, provides a commercial Java framework for building enterprise applications. It provides visual and declarative approaches to Java EE development. It supports rapid application development based on ready-to-use design patterns, metadata-driven and visual tools.

Interview Questions

Q2 How does ADF fall in MVC architecture?

Oracle ADF Architecture is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.MVC consists of three layers which are model layer,view layer,controller layer.Oracle ADF implements MVC and further separates the model layer from the business services to enable service-oriented development of applications.

The Oracle ADF architecture is based on four layers:

The Business Services layer

This layer provides access to data from various sources and handles business logic. ADF Component comes, in this section are ViewObject, EntityObject, ViewLink, Association etc

The Model layer

This layer provides an abstraction layer on top of the Business Services layer, enabling the View and Controller layers to work with different implementations of Business Services in a consistentway. ADFComponent comes in this section are PageDefn, DataBindings,DataControls (AppModuleDataControl, WebServiceDataControl)

The Controller layer

This layer provides a mechanism to control the flow of the Web application. ADF Component comes in this section are TaskFlows(Bounded and unbounded, faces-config.xml, adfc-config.xml)

The View layer

This layer provides the user interface of the application. ADF components comes in this section are jsff, jspx page.

Q3 How will JDeveloper support rapid development?

Ans : Oracle ADF is an Oracle product. Ide used to develop ADF application which is Oracle JDeveloper. This IDE is has all component which support in rapid developer starting form designing Application using the UML to Java, Visual Designer, DataBase development, Testing Webservices to Deployment. Most of the feature are just drag and drop. hence this IDE become the perfect choice for ADF development. Although it bit slow and hangs sometime but still we don't have any other option.

Q4 What are the different type of Business Component in Oracle ADF?

Ans : Different kinds of Business component support by ADF are EntityObject, ViewObjects, ViewLinks, Association.

Q6 What is Entity Object in ADF Framework?

Ans: EnitityObject in ADF are similar to Table in database. Any number of ViewObejct can create on single Entity.

Q6 What is ViewObejct in ADF framework?

Ans : ViewObject is represent the data collection. These view object can be created in different ways which are as follows:

  • Entity Based ViewObject: These viewobejct will hold the reference of underlying entity. These view object can hold data from single or multiple entities. While defining Viewobject based on Entity you can select the attribute which you want to keep in entity.
  • SQL Based ViewObject: These ViewObejct are based on sql quarries. These viewobejct will have underlying SQL Query. At runtime they will hold data return by SQL.
  • Programatic View Object: User can define the view attribute which defining viewobejct. Data will insert programmatically into these ViewObject.
  • Static ViewObject : While defining user will define attribute for view and in later he has to provide the values for those attribute. These kind of viewobejct will have fixed no of rows.

Q7 What is Association in ADF?

Ans: Association represent the relationship between 2 and more tables like foreign key relationship. If you create Entities from database association will automatically got created for entity. User can also define custom association if there is no foreign-key is define in database. In this way user can handle foreign key in ADF application and can remove overhead from database.

Q8 What is view link?

Ans: ViewLink represent the relationship between data of same or multiple Entities or table. It works in same manner as association work for entity. While defining the ViewLink user can define the reference of already created association if ViewObejct based on Entity Object else can manually select the column and define link between 2 ViewObject.

Q9 Why we used applicationmodule in ADF framework?

Ans:Applicationmodule is the component of ADF BC which hold the references of ViewObject and instantiate them while running the application. ViewObejct reference define in Application Module can be used to define the jsff/jspz page. If you want to use any ViewObject on you page you must have to provide the reference in Application Module.

Application module also provide the transaction management with commit and rollback operation   

Q10 What is the controller in ADF in respect of MVC architecture?

Ans:Controllers in ADF framework are TaskFlows, Faces-config.xml, adfc-config.xml. In all there file you can define navigation between the pages. 

Declare the manage-bean in different scope.   
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