How to Disable Oracle ADF default row selection ?

Problem Definition

In day to day development we faced common issue with using af:table row selection, because adf provide 1 row default selected. Some custom event we defined on row selection are not getting triggered on row if there is single row in table. It cause very big problem in application if those event must be triggered to populate some other data on row selection.

Solution Proposed

Solution I am proposing can solve that issue. I didn't tested every aspect but tested the scenario of making selected row as current row. After making these changes current row is getting set to viewobject properly and returning right values.

Remove the selectedRowKeys from <af:table>

Disable Default Row Selection in ADF

After making these changes you screen looks like:

Here no row is selected in first table but first row is the current row in viewobject hence child table is showing default data for first row. you can make some changes to first view object so that there won't be any current row in viewobject. In that case child table won't display any row.

Anyway lets focus on the selection event triggering on first table. Now I have selected second row form first table and corresponding child record are showing in second table.

Above testcase proved that there is no problem with selection event while removing the selectedRowKeys property of <af:table>
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