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Application Module In Oracle

An Application Module is a logical container for coordinated objects related to a specific task with optional programming logic. There are...


To reflect changes in the ADF Deployed app on Stand alone weblogic server

we feel it is pain-full task to deploy the monstrous application for minor changes. Though I know that I can use Hudson/CI to automate...


ADF : Issue with Popup and setPropertyListener

we are trying to launch popup on button click and on same event and want to set some property on same event. we used to facing issue on th...


How to Disable Oracle ADF default row selection ?

Problem Definition In day to day development we faced common issue with using af:table row selection, because adf provide 1 row default s...


using Effective Parent Action Activity in Oracle ADF

Here in this post I am explaining the way of Using Parent Action Activity. Using Parent Action client taskflow can call the activity defin...


Oracle ADF Interview Questions (Part-2)

11. What are the different kind of resource bundle supported in ADF? Ans: ADF support different types of resource bundle which a...


Oracle ADF Interview Questions & Answers (Part-1)

Q1. What is Oracle ADF? Ans : Oracle Application Development Framework, usually called Oracle ADF, provides a commercial Java framewor...

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