Oracle ADF Interview Questions (Part-2)

11. What are the different kind of resource bundle supported in ADF?

Ans: ADF support different types of resource bundle which are as follows:
Property file based (txt file which contains key-value pair)
xliff file based (xml file which contains key-value pair)
List Resource bundle

12. How to provide separate resource bundle for each jsff/jspx?

Ans: Refer Q 12 answer there is option using that you can select One Bundle per file. 

13. What is the difference in jspx and jsff?

Ans: jspx and jsff file are same in most of manner. Only difference is that you can run jspx directly on browser while jsff file container which will run on browser.

14. What is taskflow ? how many type of taskflow adf support?

Ans: Taskflow is the Component of Oracle ADF which is used to define simple task. After successfully defining task-flow can consume any number of time.
ADF support two kind of taskflow:
Bounded TaskFlow : Bonded taskflow require the page on which they will consume.
UnBounded TaskFlow : Unbounded taskflows can directly run on browser 

ADF Interview Questions

15. How to develop reusable taskflow in ADF?

Ans: Please fins the step below
Define taskflow
Define deployment profile as ADF Library jar
Deploy adf jar file
Open new project where you want to consume the task flow.
Add newly created jar of taskflow project
go to component palate You will fine you jar name select it.
It will show list of taskflow you developed
Drag drop your taskflow as region on jsff/jspx page and run ur application

16. Can bounded taskflow run on browser?

Ans: NO

17. What are different scope of adf taskflow?

Ans: Isolate/Shared
Shared scope will share data among the multiple instance of taskflows while Isolated doesn't.

18. Explain the purpose of using Controls flow in adf?

Ans: Controls flow defined in taskflow can be called anytime from any page of that taskflow.
if you have same flow for multiple pages just define the control flow once in taskflow. You can invoke it anytime from any action event.

19. What is the behavior of  router in ADF taskflow?

Ans : Based on some condition router can decide which route need to be follow. If none of condition match in that case router will follow default route defined by used.

20. How can navigation define in taskflow?

 Ans : Navigation can be defined in taskflow using control flows and invoked by jsff/jspx page using action event like button link etc.

21. Can ADF task flow hold more than 1 view activity?

Ans: Yes. ADF taskflow can have multiple view activity but 1 activity has to be defined as default activity.

22. What is the Parent Action in ADF Taskflow?

Ans:Parent action is activity using that you can invoke the Control flow define in parent taskflow from child taskflow. More details about how to develop it can be found on Parent Activity

23. What is method activity in Adf  Taskflow?

Ans: Using this activity you can invoke and method defined in manage-bean.

24. How to initialize ADF Taskflow?

Ans: Open the taskflow in Overview Mode select general like there is initiallizer property.
you can provide the any method reference which will get invoked whenever taskflow instance created.
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