using Effective Parent Action Activity in Oracle ADF

Here in this post I am explaining the way of Using Parent Action Activity. Using Parent Action client taskflow can call the activity defined in parent task flow.

This sample application is developed using Hr database, bounded taskflow, control-flow-case, Read only View Object.

Steps to create sample Application

Create a Generic Application provide application name as ParentAction.
Create a Project with name ParentAction
Select ADF Faces, ADF page flow, Java, ADF Business component as Project Technology
Create Business Component from table
Define connection to database using "Hr" schema
Create read-only view object for Employee and Department

Define bounded taskflow

Define bounded parent action taskflow
  • Create a taskflow with and ParentActionTasskFlowDefn.xml
  • Added ViewActivity like EmployeeView and DepartmentView
Parent Action Activity
  •  Define control flow for Employee and Department view
  •  add jsff pages for each ViewActivity.
Define Child taskflow 
  • Create a new taslfkow name department-task-flow-definition.xml
  • Add view activity with name of department
  • add parent action
  • define control flow between view and parent action activity
  • add page to view activity
  • Drag drop department view from data control to screen and design page with navigation button
  • Add new button to page, in action of button select the control flow name define in department -task-flow-definition.xml
  •  select the parent action update the parent action property to control flow name defined in parent taskflow i.e. ShowEmployee
Oracle ADF Parent Action
 (Repeat same steps for defining Employee child task flow) 

Design the page used in view activity
Drag drop the corresponding taskflow to jsff page used as a view activity in ParentActiontaskFlowDefn.xml

Add lending page
Add the jspx page to application. drag drop ParentActiontaskFlowDefn as region to jspx. Run the application and test it
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